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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Tuesday Eve! Hope everyone had a great start to the week.

I've got SO much to tell you Beauties!!!!  I've got some exciting MAC posts coming up (one I've already hinted at), I have an everyday look to show you PLUS I have an Rescue Beauty Lounge (heretofore referred to as RBL) haul to update you guys on complete with comparison color pics and last...BIRCHBOX (all details reserved for later).  I may get a couple of them out this week during the evenings but I'd really like to save the RBLs for the weekend so I can get you some natural light pics.  The colors are AMAZING!!!!  Also, I'd like to pose a question....would tutorials via write up or tutorials via video be better?  Just toying with the idea of getting a couple of video tutorials going.  Please let me know.  I appreciate ALL feedback.  Love you all - goodnight!

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  1. I can't wait to see the RBL swatches!!! I prefer video tutorials as long as they are concise & to the point without a lot of chatter. You should get a YouTube account & embed/link the videos here!