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Monday, June 6, 2011

TKB Mica Swatches

I swatched a few of my TKB Micas and thought I'd post them.  I don't think the color is as good as it could be if I swatched them outside in daylight, but, it'll give you a general idea.  I LOVE TKB Micas.  I think they're just about as good as MAC Pigments and  and a LOT cheaper!!!!  Let me know what you think!

TKB Swatches (from left to right) Travel to Venus, Pinky Pink, Sparkly White, Satin Orange Gold.  I don't feel these pictures convey the absolute BEAUTY of these colors.  Travel to Venus is a color that goes from a blue duochrome to a pink duochrome to a green duochrome depending on the light.  It's best worn over a dark color.  Swatches of examples are below.  Pinky pink is a very fine glitter.  AWESOME in lipglosses or as an accent on the eye.  Sparkly white is a very fine sugary silver color.  Would be great in a lotion for the decolletage or an accent color on the eye for a special night out.  Satin orange gold...just name the use and it's good for it!  It's a slightly yellow off white with a peachy pink sheen to it.

TKB Swatches (from top to bottom) Satin Orange Gold, Sparkly White, Pinky Pink and Travel to Venus.

This is Travel to Venus over (from left to right) MAC Deep Truth, MAC Later pigment and MAC Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack.  It doesn't show the color in Venus quite as well as I wish but you kind of see the duochrome over the Blacktrack.  Regardless, this color is unique.  There are other "Travel to" colors in almost every (if not absolutely every) planet in the solar system.  They swatch in all different duochrome colors and look amazing when mixed with black polish!  Hope you have a chance to check these out.  They're only $1.50 for a tablespoon in most circumstances and for some of the special colors or glitters they're $1.50 for a teaspoon.  Either way they are a GREAT bargain.  Enjoy!


  1. Travel to Venus is beautiful & I'm interested in the Orange Gold & how you are going to pair it up in the future!

  2. I'll feature an TKB Satin Orange Gold look sometime soon. I think I might us it with MAC Expensive Pink and a bit of Stila Terracotta or MAC Steamy and MAC Mulch...orrrr...maybe MAC Mulch by itself with varying degrees of concentration.